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Adult Topic

Posted by shahriar08 on November 29, 2008

southpark_2The media, specifically television cartoons for children have been increasingly showing more and more violent programmes. Children should not know about murder and rape. But there is a cartoon South Park where rape, delivery period and similar topics being shown which is very bad for the children. If we watch cartoon regular then we find that most of the cartoon are based on fighting, boxing, killing by gun, attack by car, jumping from the roof etc. Now most of the cartoons revolve around a hero and a villain. Children after watch the cartoon want to be a cartoon hero in real life and in the process often indulge in bad behavior. Normally children do not understand that in television cartoon everything can happen but in real life it is not possible. But children don’t understand that. So they often engage in depfunctional behaviour. In a member of families, in Bangladesh where the parents have office the child watches cartoon at home. Parents also use TV as a child care tool.

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on-going debate

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          There has been an on-going debate whether or not television cartoon have negative influences a child’s behavior. There is no doubt that the media has an impact on a child, but is it so influential that it can make a child do something that he/she would have never thought of doing until he/she sees it on television. Now days children see violent TV cartoons on television and make an attempt to process them, and in doing so, their innocence is lost. Children’s minds are not fully developed and therefore, they cannot be expected to understand the bad things on television cartoon.


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Cartoon is Funny

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Cartoon is a funny animated series, shown on TV and watched usually by children. Some famous cartoons include Tom and Jerry, Pappy, Spiderman, Batman, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny etc. Television cartoon influences both children’s prosocial and antisocial behaviors as well as their attitudes about race and gender. Normally we see that some Dhaka school children are affected because of the negative influence of cartoon. Here age is a big fact. For example, we normally see that the children age of 6 to 9 years are affected most the negative influence of cartoon than other age group children.

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Some Negative Influences of Television Cartoon

Posted by shahriar08 on November 29, 2008


The picture presented by this study tells a lot about there are some negative influences of television cartoon on behavior of Dhaka school children. The researcher tried to find out is there any negative influence of television cartoon on behavior of Dhaka school children by taking in-depth interviews, survey and his interpretations. However the findings are certainly important and interesting and could be used for further explorations and studies in this area.

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Eartoon as an Entertainme

Posted by shahriar08 on November 29, 2008

maincastCartoon as an Entertainment part of children life. Before children playing in the playground or outside of the house. But now-a-days most of the house have no open place beside there house where their child can play. So today’s children just spend most of the time to watch television cartoon. Its true that cartoon makes children happy but it dose not mean that what ever they want they just telecast. The age of 6 to 9 is a grown up period in this tie the children learnt whatever they see in their real life.Todays cartoon bad impact make the children more aggressive. Many adult things children learnt in their childhood age through TV cartoon.Todays TV cartoon they donot care about the story they just do the business. They donot care that cartoon stories  and scene should be some restriction. Through cartoon kids learnt fighting, jumping from high place, boxing, shouting with their parents, talking like a cartoon character which is very bad for their real life.

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food Habit

Posted by shahriar08 on November 29, 2008

chocolate1Every parent want that their child take food properly but todsoft-drinks-l1ays child want chocolate, drinks (coca cola, Pepsi), etc.Most of the parents donot want to give their children more chocolate because it’s bad for their teeth. Even different types of drinks children wants to drink from their childhood. Its makes a habit from their childhood which is very bad. Today drinks company mixed color, alchol in the drinks which is bad for health. But children eagerly want to drinks that things though they watch from the TV advertisement.

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Customer culture

Posted by shahriar08 on November 28, 2008

cdm20plainAll people know that cartoon channels audience is children. So the advertisement should be give the advertise which is for children. But now a day for marketing TV channel shows many adults advertisement in cartoon channel. “Psychologist, Allen Kanner, co-editor of psychology and Consumer Culture, commentented, “Given the negative impact of advertising and media on children, health professionals should be working with parents to limit the amount of television kids watch. Hospitals should be promoting public health, not the Cartoon Network’s fall lineup”. Cartoon channels gives some advertisement for their business .Though they know their buyer is not ketchup1children still they gives that type of advertise which is very bad for children. Tomato Ketchup, Magi Noodles, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate, Tissue, Spacer Chew Toffy, electronic instrument, drinks etc advertisement given in the cartoon channel which buyer is not children. This type of advertisement bad effect makes the children bad. Children watch the advertisement and want that things like drinks they just want to drinks that things from their child hood so it’s a bad impact for children.

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Respect Issue

Posted by shahriar08 on November 28, 2008

pha0020lThough the age is 6 to 9 it is not a perfect time to socialization beginning period so respect issue cannot manipulate by cartoon.6 to 9 years kids cannot understand the emotion. They don’t understand properly that the elder people have different emotion. The kids think that all people’s emotion is the same.

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Distract children from normal fullness cues

Posted by shahriar08 on November 28, 2008

_772744_children_eat_tv300bMost of the kids are irregular in food habit. Food is an entertainment thing and cartoon also. Kids like to eat food behind the television screen when they watch cartoon. In that time kids take food properly. But other time they make problem to taking their food properly. Here testing food become a passive thing and cartoon become a entertainment thing. As one researcher explains, “April 04,2006-In a recent Penn State laboratory study, preschool children who usually eat meals at home while watching TV ate one-third more lunch when they were shown a cartoon video during lunchtime versus when they ate lunch without TV.”TV viewing may distract children from normal fullness cues which can lead to overeating in children as it may in adults.

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