Nagative Influence

Adult Topic

Posted by shahriar08 on November 29, 2008

southpark_2The media, specifically television cartoons for children have been increasingly showing more and more violent programmes. Children should not know about murder and rape. But there is a cartoon South Park where rape, delivery period and similar topics being shown which is very bad for the children. If we watch cartoon regular then we find that most of the cartoon are based on fighting, boxing, killing by gun, attack by car, jumping from the roof etc. Now most of the cartoons revolve around a hero and a villain. Children after watch the cartoon want to be a cartoon hero in real life and in the process often indulge in bad behavior. Normally children do not understand that in television cartoon everything can happen but in real life it is not possible. But children don’t understand that. So they often engage in depfunctional behaviour. In a member of families, in Bangladesh where the parents have office the child watches cartoon at home. Parents also use TV as a child care tool.

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