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Negative impact of cartoon

Posted by shahriar08 on November 8, 2008

They also informed now-a-days there are lots violence in cartoon which has a bad effect for children. Normally kids like violent cartoons. Most of the cartoon are based on fighting, jumping, kicking, killing etc.Some cartoons also show kissing scene. Normally when kids see this type of scene they enjoy a lot. 2008-130-the-impact-of-the-baby-bonusBecause when they see hero against the villain and fighting they eagerly wait for the hero to be the winner. In that time kids also cheer the hero. Normally most of the kids like violent scene. For example-when Jerry is fighting with Tom kids like it. Then they like Spiderman who can jump from here and there, and also climb any high wall, which is very risk for children. Because sometimes to become a Spiderman kids jump from a high place like from a chair or bed which is very bad and sometimes they get hurt. There is also the case of some kids fighting with their little siblings. Kids don’t understand that if he or she fighting or kicking with their siblings then they can be injured. Actually they want to be Jerry, a Superman, Poke man, Pappy, Ninja Hatari etc.They just want to apply the fighting or other violent character with other kids which is very dangerous. Children also try to talk in real life as a cartoon character.

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