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Habit In Various Efforts

Posted by shahriar08 on November 27, 2008

This study attempt topreview1 explore the cartoon watching habit in various efforts. And also their preference on some character. In this study the following age group 6 to 9 is very much important for psychological development. The age of 6 to 9 children develop their understanding of themselves and also they experience relatively bigger social psychological orientation. It is the age when children gather about social knowledge with their surrounding. This study also explores the nature of the broadcast presentation proportion of cartoon. The bad impact of advertisement in broadcasting cartoon period which is not appropriate for children.


So far the researchers haven’t observed any study closely relevated to this one in Bangladesh but however lots of example have been noticed or found in websites. So that researcher combining many western studies analyses and developed her approach of study research. From many western studies researcher got masses of concept about her research topic.


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