Nagative Influence

Distract children from normal fullness cues

Posted by shahriar08 on November 28, 2008

_772744_children_eat_tv300bMost of the kids are irregular in food habit. Food is an entertainment thing and cartoon also. Kids like to eat food behind the television screen when they watch cartoon. In that time kids take food properly. But other time they make problem to taking their food properly. Here testing food become a passive thing and cartoon become a entertainment thing. As one researcher explains, “April 04,2006-In a recent Penn State laboratory study, preschool children who usually eat meals at home while watching TV ate one-third more lunch when they were shown a cartoon video during lunchtime versus when they ate lunch without TV.”TV viewing may distract children from normal fullness cues which can lead to overeating in children as it may in adults.

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