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Poor communication skill

Posted by shahriar08 on October 25, 2008

Media do not understnot_listeningand that there should be some restriction in children programs. So that children should be learning something from the program. But media do not follow that. So media people just put many poor things in children program which helps children to be a poor communicator. In a research of March10, 2003- conducted by Dr Rosemary Sage, of the University of Leicester School of Education, reveals that the city’s childrens are growing up with poor communication skills, because they are spending too much time watching television so learning to process messages visually rather then verbally. Children learned in that context how to put verbal ideas together in their minds. This research also shows that today’s children come home from school and sit in front of the TV processing largely picture information which does not engage children in thinking, speaking and reflecting.

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Cartoon habit in respect of sex

Posted by shahriar08 on October 20, 2008

The researcher found in the interview that most of the kids watch TV cartoon. Here gender (male &.female) helps us to find out two type of point of view about our research topic. For example mostSPIDER-MAN 3 of the female kids’ like-Barbie cartoon which is based on a female character. And most of the male kids like Superman, Spiderman, and Pappy which are based on a male character. But I found there is some similarity also that is both male and female kids like Tom & Jerry, Poke man, My little Pony, Parman, Ninja Hatari, Jadu etc.I found in my interview that female kids like Barbie character because Barbie looks beautiful, Barbie can dance, Barbie can talk nicely, Barbie life style is nice etc.On the other hand male kid like Superman, Ninja Hatari, Pappy because those character are based on male. Here I found that kids like those characters who are attractive, smart, and clever and the hero or heroine of the cartoon. Through my interview I found that Kids don’t like the character of the cartoon which is bad like a ghost, villain, do not have too much power or not so good looking. For example-Tom & Jerry. Most of the kids like Jerry. They like Jerry because Jerry is smart, too clever and does not do any foolish work. Another example-Pokeman.Here most of the kids like Ash who have lots of power and Ash is good looking.

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Want to be

Posted by shahriar08 on October 20, 2008

Most of the female kids want to be a Barbie because Barbie can dance, Barbie can talk nicely etc.On the other side male boys wants to be a superman, Poke man, Jerry etc.

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Cartoon is a first priority as an entertainment

Posted by shahriar08 on October 19, 2008

Most of the kid’s first priority is watching cartoon, then playing with toys, then reading stories books, then going to entertainment places. But I also found some kids first priority is to travel to some fantasy children places like Wonderland, Playground, and some kids like reading books. I found the entertainment choices family Choosing entertainment also depends on family financial state. Many families like to go with their children to different entertainment places. Many people have not that capability to go kid’s entertainment place with their kids. So kids are used to like those entertainment things which their family gives them from their childhood


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