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Cartoons were now seen as educational tools

Posted by shahriar08 on November 20, 2008

 Cartoons were now seen as educational tools, not just entertainment. Though cartoon is now a part of education tools. So cartoon, stories should come under some restriction. For example-Spiderman which is very popular cartoon to our kids. But Spiderman cartoon mentioning “Death”, “Die”, “Kill” or other words with a strong negative meaning, which is very bad for our kids. Though are kids are small they do not understand the real things.Thats why they want to try those activities in their real life which is very dangerous.In this generation, cable 

TV is very popular. Every family have cable channel. There are lots of cartoon based channel. Like-Cartoon Network (CN), Nick channel etc.Our kids normally watch those channels all the time because they get funny or

 comedy things over there. Here one thing is important most of the audience of TV cartoon is kids, whose de

velopment is growing day by day if those kids watching this type of activities of cartoon then their future life will be harmful.Beacuse they are kids they do not understand what is right and what is wrong, what is real ,what is unreal. They just watch the cartoon and want to apply those activities in real life. Here another thing is important that when they watch cartoon their parents are not all the time with them but who could tell them it’s not real. That is why when they watch violent scenes in the cartoon they just think it can be happen in real life, which is really bad.

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